Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Friends and Dutch cooking

Yesterday I (kinda) made some new friends. The kids in the neighborhood play outside after school, and they have been asking for me to come out and meet them. They kept looking in the windows and stuff, so I finally gave in and went out there to meet them. Of course, Thomas has to be my interpreter!

We went and rode his bike all around the neighborhood. We went by the playground and I rode behind Thomas and was a scared little chicken! (I got over it, eventually...well, kinda.)

Later, I went and actually played soccer pretty much, kinda, with the neighbor, Rob and some of his friends.

We had Dutch meatballs for dinner. I loved those! We also had endive stampot. I didn't like it too much because it was bitter. I did eat it all though and Thomas gave me an extra part of a meatball! Yummy!

We have vla for dessert. It's like a thin pudding and it comes out of a container like a milk carton. The kind we have this week at Ma'Iny's is vanilla with chocolate chunks in it. Very good!

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