Monday, June 15, 2009

A Day in Groningen and a boat ride

Thomas took me to Groningen. We rode the train to Groningen. It was only a 14 minute ride. When we got there, we saw a bicycle parking garage that was full of bikes. We walked around for a bit and I took a pic of the train station.

We went down Herestraat--that is one of the streets on the Dutch version of Monopoly. Soon we were  had a cool drink called a Fristi. Fristi is a yogurt drink that tastes sorta like strawberry. The captain used an address system and told us all about the history of Groningen. We sat near the back and soon I could see the wake of the boat.

After the ride on the boat, we returned on the train to Martenshoek and then took the 15 minute walk back to Ma'Iny's.

For dinner that night we had shoarma. A description of this food is below:

Netherlands: In the Netherlands, shawarma (shoarma) is a popular meal, especially after a night out. Here it is served as pork, chicken, beef or lamb combined with salad and garlic sauce. It is usually served with French Fries (friet or patat) and can be bought from many places, including the local snackbars. It is generally served with pitã bread, which is cut open and the meat is placed inside. This is called Broodje Shoarma (small bread with shoarma) although can be served in larger portions without bread. Dutch Shoarma is not produced as described in the method above - spit roasted, but is pre diced lamb or pork that is then grilled or fried, or a combination of both.

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