Monday, June 8, 2009

Flight to Holland

First let me say that going to the airport was really, really boring. We waited in line to check in for our flight and my stepdad forgot my sister's carseat. He was able to get it when he parked the car in long-term parking, so no problemo.

We had to wait for him to get back and I was really nervous. When we finally got on the plane, we had a delay because there were other planes in front of us. The flight was very boring and the food was not that great, but I managed to make it through. I didn't get to sit by the window, but I could see from my seat.

We landed in Brussels, Belgium, the capital of Belgium and of Europe. Uncle Frank picked us up at the airport and we drove to his home in Tilburg.

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  1. Airports CAN be boring, but it sounds like you made the best of it. I'm so glad you made it safe and sound. We miss you!