Monday, April 26, 2010

Exceeding the Writing Test

Save all the complaints about me not talking on my blog for 4 months for later! I exceeded the Georgia State Writing Test! The best part is that me and two other people in my grade were the only ones who exceeded (which by the way is better than passing, I guess kind of like over a 100). Now you can start whining about how I haven't posted a comment in almost 5 months. Now, Now, Now, Nooooooooooooooooooooow!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


So school's back and i'm not happy! Of course who wouldn't! August was pretty boring. I was best in social studies I think... Anyways nothing real important happened in August. I'm blank!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beginning the School Year 2009 (the 6th and 7th of August)

This year they didn't tell the teacher's (who have kids that go to my school) whose room they would be in. I was clueless till two days before school started when my mom asked me whose room I would like to be in. It turns out the teacher I guessed was the teacher I got for homeroom. Anyways, me and my friends played football and other games on the 6th.We started school on the 7th. School was awesome that day! What was weird is all my friends from second grade are in my class now.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Catchup (The rest of June)

I know... I shouldn't have waited 6 months to say something. I was kind of busy...anyways...LET'S GET STARTED!
We came home from Holland about June 16th...I think. I mean it is December 29th! How am I supposed to remember 6 months ago! When we came home we were jetlagged. We went to sleep at 7:00. A few nights later my grandmother came to our house walking wierd. She went tothe emergency room after a check-up at the doctor. That nightmare had begun.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Soccer and lots of Dutch relatives

On Saturday, we started packing for our return trip. Then, we had lots of company. Many relatives came to meet my little sister and me! Aunts (Tantes), Uncles (Ooms) and cousins. I played ball with a 12-year-old cousin of Thomas' and that was fun!

I also had new herring. Herring is nice and I ate it on bread.

On Sunday morning, we returned to Tilburg, and Uncle Frank and I played soccer again. Uncle Frank and I tied. Today is Monday and we're all packed and ready to go home. We have to get up very early. Frank and Marjo made a DELICIOUS dinner tonight and now I am off to play Ganzenbord. That means Geeseboard in English.

Pizza Pancakes

We went to a cousin's house for dinner on Friday night. I had a great time playing--even though I didn't speak the same language. I guess playing is international!

For dinner, our hosts made Pannekoeken (Dutch Pancakes). In Holland, they sometimes have syrup like in America on their pancakes, but sometimes they put powdered sugar on them or even cheese. At this house, they even put salami, ham AND cheese on them. Yummy!

After supper, I had a great two hours playing with a three-year-old who was actually very fun to play with. I also got a Kinder Suprise, which is an egg made of chocolate that has a little prize in it. Very lekker! (That means tasty!)

A Day in Groningen and a boat ride

Thomas took me to Groningen. We rode the train to Groningen. It was only a 14 minute ride. When we got there, we saw a bicycle parking garage that was full of bikes. We walked around for a bit and I took a pic of the train station.

We went down Herestraat--that is one of the streets on the Dutch version of Monopoly. Soon we were  had a cool drink called a Fristi. Fristi is a yogurt drink that tastes sorta like strawberry. The captain used an address system and told us all about the history of Groningen. We sat near the back and soon I could see the wake of the boat.

After the ride on the boat, we returned on the train to Martenshoek and then took the 15 minute walk back to Ma'Iny's.

For dinner that night we had shoarma. A description of this food is below:

Netherlands: In the Netherlands, shawarma (shoarma) is a popular meal, especially after a night out. Here it is served as pork, chicken, beef or lamb combined with salad and garlic sauce. It is usually served with French Fries (friet or patat) and can be bought from many places, including the local snackbars. It is generally served with pitã bread, which is cut open and the meat is placed inside. This is called Broodje Shoarma (small bread with shoarma) although can be served in larger portions without bread. Dutch Shoarma is not produced as described in the method above - spit roasted, but is pre diced lamb or pork that is then grilled or fried, or a combination of both.